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I saw your purchasing page. The spelling is 'cheques' and not 'checks'. Improve the spellings of the website.

Masterjatin, 27.11.2012, 10:18

correct the spelling of 'subscribtion/unsubscribtion' on your K-ML page to 'subscription/unsubscription' (replace the second 'b' in each word with 'p'). For the person who commented on the use of 'check', that spelling is correct in American English.

ziba, 27.11.2012, 13:45
Idea status: completed


paladin, 27.11.2012, 11:12
really? in USA we spell it checks. relax, dude. take a pill.
Srikanth, 27.11.2012, 13:13
Cheques are spelt that way in India (and probably also in the UK, I don't know). In US it is check.
Joe, 27.11.2012, 13:41
Actually, it depends on where you live as to how it is spelled. American English is "Check". See the link below.

Adam Garrett, 27.11.2012, 14:06
'checks' would be the American spelling.
Masterjatin, 28.11.2012, 05:54
Did Americans made English?
I don't think so.
They just changed words, just like Urdu was made from Persian, English from French, Hindi from Sankrit etc.
Still, what about having a translation in original British English.
I wont mind helping.
Just if I am wanted to, an email can be sent to jatin.nagpal34@facebook.com.

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